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30g sachet 

Energize should be used as a weekly treatment to shock treat water and is compatible with Bromine.

Energize is a multifunctional granular product containing a clarifier and a blend of oxidisers to revitalise water. The results obtained from using Energize are remarkable; crystal sparkling clear water can be expected within minutes of use.

Energize contains two oxidisers, formulated and blended to provide a synergistic effect on pool and spa water. Incorporating an "oxygen based" sanitiser that has been proven to restore dull, hazy water.

Energize is proven to destroy both bather waste and chloramines when used regularly.

Energize incorporates a water clarifier to enable contaminants to be removed by conventional filtration.

Energize incorporates an "alkalinity buffer" to ensure that Water Balanced remains unchanged.

Energize is supplied in sachets to ensure that the correct, pre-determined quantity is added every time. Dissolves almost instantly, no pre-mixing with water required.

Full dosage and safety instructions on the sachets. Always follow the manufacturers instructions.

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