Wooden Hot Tub

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Spruce wooden hot tubs

Thanks to the natural lightness and resilience of the wood, our spruce tub with built-in stove is ideal for home use. Spruce boasts several innate qualities that make it perfect for building top quality tubs. Key amongst these is the fact that, like redwood, spruce is resistant to shrinking and will keep its shape even when used outdoors. Moreover, spruce is less resinous than many other commonly used wood (such as redwood or cedar), which means that the finish will remain spotless for longer. There is no such thing as wood that doesn’t require treatment, however, and we recommend that you apply some wood treatment on annual basis and you can be assured it will stand the test of time with ease.

In addition to these practical qualities, spruce is also highly regarded by experts in aromatherapy for its healing and relaxing qualities. Indeed, it is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which aid the body’s natural healing process.

Larch wooden hot tubs

Our larch hot tubs are built with longevity in mind. The wood is naturally robust and will stand the test of time exceptionally well – indeed, many of the piles that support the houses of Venice are made from larch, thanks to its natural resistance to moisture and bacterial damage.

Aromatherapists also hold larch in high regard thanks to its relaxing and revitalising properties; when heated up by the water, the wood naturally releases phytoncides which helps clear our congested airways. It is also said to that larch can effectively help prevent and manage migraines, hypertension and neuroses.

Larch is a particularly suitable hot tub material thanks to its high density, which makes it very sturdy indeed.

The wooden hot tub comes in four sizes (detailed below), all of which consist of a hand-crafted wooden tub and wood-fired stove. The internal stove is separated from the bathing area by a wooden fence, which serves the dual purpose of protecting the stove and bathers alike, and wood is simply fed into the unit from the top.

The tub comes fully equipped with all the essentials, including:

  • Matching steps (either spruce or wood depending on your selection)
  • Heater and chimney components
  • A practical standard drain (with the plug from inside)
  • The hot tub itself, which features seats, a protective heater fencing, and stainless steel straps.

Wood Fired hot tubs with external heater

As compared to our tubs with built-in stoves, external heated tubs have three main advantages. Firstly, as the stove doesn’t take up any internal space, there interior space is larger (you gain 2 more seats) and more aesthetically appealing. Second, while the internal stove is shielded off from the bathing area, an externally located heater eliminates any risk of injury while bathing. Finally, an external stove is easier to keep clean and empty of ashes without any risk of contaminating the water.

The main negative aspects of an external heater is that it is slightly more expensive and takes a little bit longer (on average 15 minutes as compared to the internal stove) to heat the water up. You also need to make sure the heater is drained if you’re expecting freezing temperatures.


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